Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas~

Yep, like the title says ...
Merry Christmas Everyone! :D

Not much to say here, although if anyone is interested about my particular christmas, I would refer you to Ally's blog ... :p

And, I will leave off with a rather christmas-ish image, just because.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Post

This is hopefully the start of an art journal of sorts for me, more to keep me working on my art than anything. Hopefully having a place of my own to post it will keep me inspired to try new things and go further than I would otherwise.

Hopefully there will be some of all that I do eventually posted on here, so you will see some photos, drawings, sketches (both CG and traditional), paintings, and whatever else I seem to be inspired to create on occasion.

That's about all, but I'll start off with one of my more recent pictures that I've taken.

Taken at home in a rather impromptu studio setup, lighting was provided by one 500 watt worklight, and the black background was Ally holding up a piece of black fabric. The subject is a stick of incense, in case you were wondering. The image was not quite what I wanted, but having to illuminate the smoke without the light illuminating the background without a set of barndoors was a little difficult ... ^^;
Still, turned out rather well, except for the slightly out of focus stick of incense, but at least the smoke is clear.
The only post-work done was a little bit of a burn to remove a bit of flare that was present on the left side of the image, since the light was facing almost directly towards the lens to keep it off the background.

Camera: Pentax *ist DL2
Lens: Sigma 28-105mm at ~105mm